Australian Shepherds & Vizslas

I am pleased to announce Flury has been bred to Aidan, CH Crystal Winds Ready Aim Fire DNA-VP for an early December 2008 litter of red-factored blues and black tri's. This much anticipated litter will produce amazing pups, capable of excelling in all venues.

Photo by KFPhotography

December 9, 2008

Puppies arrived late Dec.9, 2008. We have 2 beautiful blue merle boys. Flury and the boys are doing well, and pictures will be posted soon. Check back often for updates!

December 14, 2008

Here's a picture of the puppies, taken at 5 days old!

December 16, 2008

Another picture of the puppies, 7 days old!

January 1, 2009

3 weeks old

Blue Merle #1 - 3 weeks
Blue Merle #2 - 3 weeks

January 11, 2009

The puppies now have "temporary" names - 'BB' (Blue Merle #1) and 'Elby' (Blue Merle #2)

BB on the tug, Elby looking on - 4 wks old
BB pinning Elby!
Jan 11 - BB playing with his tug rope
Jan 11 - BB's first time with the puppy tunnel
Jan 11 - BB learning balance on the balance disc
Jan 11 - Elby (a.k.a Blue Merle #2)
Jan 11 - Both boys peering over the barricade
Photo by Darlene Stack

January 21, 2009

BB at six weeks

BB at six weeks
BB at six weeks
BB at six weeks

Elby at six weeks

Elby at six weeks
Elby at six weeks
Elby at six weeks

Jan 23 - Both puppies have been spoken for! Thanks!!

March 3, 2009

"Hawkeye" (BB) JFCoventry's Lock and Load

"Ero" (Elby) JFCoventry's Loaded for Bear

Congratulations to Tyler and Adrienne Richter of Shoreview, MN who will be picking Ero up on Mar 7. He will make a wonderful addition to their family and I know they will all have a long and fun-filled life together. Their plans for Ero, after puppy classes and basic obedience are agility and possibly dock diving! They may venture into the conformation ring, but the main thing is that Ero is much loved, by me and by the Richter family. He is blessed!

So, of course, this means that I am keeping Hawkeye and I am SO looking forward to our journey together. We will be starting puppy clicker classes with Laurel Neufeld next week. Our puppy agility classes with Brigitte Hunter will start in May/June. Add conformation classes to all this, and Hawkeye and I will be very busy. I'm hoping to continue agility with Flury but it will depend on her shoulder. So, I am glad that she has given me such a wonderful boy to carry on with. It's all good!

I'll chronicle Hawkeye's and Flury's progress, as well as Ero updates. And so it begins.......................

Please visit the Brag Page to view Ero's current progress!

You can see all of Hawkeye's details on his page!

Pedigree for the Puppies

Pedigree for the Flury/Aidan litter Ch Crystal Winds Ready Aim Fire DNA-VP
Black C/W AS-21827E24M-PI
E136756 DN05872802
Ch Meadowlawns On the Mark
Black C/W AS-19599G24M-P
E123879 DN00992111
Ch Chases Straight Shootin Dude CDX RS-N JS-N GS-N DNA-CP
E94315 DL73471004
Ch Heatherhill Sweet Talkin Dude CD STDs
Pos Chases Away the Blues
Kinship Chyna Doll CD STDds
E80558 DL62186204
Ch Too Tough of Windsor STDs DNA-CP
Outfitter Simply the Best DNA-CP
Shawnkaras P.S. I Love You DNA-CP
Black C/W RF AS-19443G27F-PI
E120189 DL90253306
Ch Firethornes T.G.
E69793 DL53977708
Ch Briarbrooks Valedictorian
Ch Rocking P Seasn'd By Breezeway
E90042 DL67183704
Ch Temptations Rock'n Breezeway DNA-CP
Rocking P Klikitat Gal
JF Coventrys Fast And Flurious
Red Merle C/W
E125096 MW843401
Ch Blue Isle the Criticsareraving
Red C/W AS-15724E25M-PI F=11.14%
E101104 DL77601904 1068358 2/10/1999
Ch Carolina's Rave Reviews CD STDc ATDds DNA-CP
E85219 DL66169101
Ch Calais Outaoptions of CarolinaSTDs DNA-CP
Ch Royal Aires Jillerooofcarolina
Ch Friends Angel
E70977 DL54516405
Ch The Man From HeatherHill
Ch Mystery Girl of Heatherhill
Coventrys Cover Girl Magic
Blue C/W RF AS-15719G37F-PI
E94388 HE494520
Lobos Dixiana Dance King DNA-CP
E39591 DL41341501
Ch Bluecrest Creme D'coca of Lobo
Ch Dixie Dance Queen of Royalty
Powerpaks Misty Blue Magic
E50797 1049414
Ch Tailored by Carousel
Firesides Cosmic Interlude