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Flury - JFCoventry Aussies
Photo ©C&N Guthrie/PixnPages.com
Hawkeye - JFCoventry Aussies
ASCA November 2014
Judge: Joyce Love
Handler: Jill Gray Mulligan

Thank you judge Joyce Love for choosing Hawkeye for Altered Winners Dog and Altered Best of Winners at the ASCA show (hosted by MASC) in Brandon, MB, Friday Nov. 14, 2014. Thank you, Jill Gray Mulligan, for handling Hawkeye. You both looked great!


CH JFCoventry's Lock And Load, DNA-VP, RN, CGC, HIC

Born: December 9, 2008

Breeder: Janis McCarthy, Coventry Aussies

Dam: CH JFCoventry's Fast And Flurious, DNA-VP, HIC "Flury"
Sire: AKC CH Crystal Winds Ready Aim Fire, DNA-VP "Aidan"

Hawkeye's Stats

Registered with the CKC, AKC and ASCA
Blue merle, C/W, RF
21", 48 lb
Hips OFA good
Elbows normal
Full Dentition, scissors bite
Eyes cleared annually
Hereditary cataract (HSF4 mutation) DNA clear by parentage
CEA carrier (Optigen)
PRA clear, no copies (Optigen)
CH clear, no copies (Optigen)
Pelger-Huet Negative


Hawkeye's Pedigree

CH JFCoventry's Lock And Load Ch Crystal Winds Ready Aim Fire DNA-VP
Black C/W AS-21827E24M-PI
E136756 DN05872802
Ch Meadowlawns On the Mark
Black C/W AS-19599G24M-P
E123879 DN00992111
Ch Chases Straight Shootin Dude CDX RS-N JS-N GS-N DNA-CP
E94315 DL73471004
Ch Heatherhill Sweet Talkin Dude CD STDs
Pos Chases Away the Blues
Kinship Chyna Doll CD STDds
E80558 DL62186204
Ch Too Tough of Windsor STDs DNA-CP
Outfitter Simply the Best DNA-CP
Shawnkaras P.S. I Love You DNA-CP
Black C/W RF AS-19443G27F-PI
E120189 DL90253306
Ch Firethornes T.G.
E69793 DL53977708
Ch Briarbrooks Valedictorian
Ch Rocking P Seasn'd By Breezeway
E90042 DL67183704
Ch Temptations Rock'n Breezeway DNA-CP
Rocking P Klikitat Gal
JF Coventrys Fast And Flurious
Red Merle C/W
E125096 MW843401
Ch Blue Isle the Criticsareraving
Red C/W AS-15724E25M-PI F=11.14%
E101104 DL77601904 1068358 2/10/1999
Ch Carolina's Rave Reviews CD STDc ATDds DNA-CP
E85219 DL66169101
Ch Calais Outaoptions of CarolinaSTDs DNA-CP
Ch Royal Aires Jillerooofcarolina
Ch Friends Angel
E70977 DL54516405
Ch The Man From HeatherHill
Ch Mystery Girl of Heatherhill
Coventrys Cover Girl Magic
Blue C/W RF AS-15719G37F-PI
E94388 HE494520
Lobos Dixiana Dance King DNA-CP
E39591 DL41341501
Ch Bluecrest Creme D'coca of Lobo
Ch Dixie Dance Queen of Royalty
Powerpaks Misty Blue Magic
E50797 1049414
Ch Tailored by Carousel
Firesides Cosmic Interlude


Training has been and always will be on-going with Hawkeye and I regret that I don't have enough hours in the day to devote to him. Besides being a very smart boy, he's a total clown. Every day he makes us laugh. Hawkeye really enjoys life and it shows. Now that he has finished his CKC championship, we will pursue his ASCA and AKC championships. He is maturing nicely.

JFCoventry Aussies - Hawkeye
Photo by Faye Unrau - McMasters Photography
Handler: Katherina Dueck
Judge: Karsten Kaemling

Hawkeye was only actively shown the past few months and picked up points, including Breed over specials, at all he attended. Thank you to Donna Bernier for handling Hawkeye to his first point in his first show and heartfelt thanks to Katherina Dueck (http://www.apawsitiveimage.ca/) for her excellent handling classes and her superb handling skills in showing Hawkeye for me this year. Katherina finished him at the Kenora show June 18, 2010 and ended the weekend on 13 points. This was his first show as an Open Male and he showed very well. Hawkeye is now CKC CH JFCoventry's Lock And Load.

Hawkeye - JFCoventry Aussies
Photo by Pix 'N Pages (pixnpages.com)

In April 2010, we attended the USASA Nationals at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, Missouri, near St. Louis. It was a very long drive each way by myself, but I had Hawkeye and Frisk for company. Hawkeye showed well for Rhonda Diercks (Adler Acres Australian Shepherds) in the 15-18 month Sweeps and Phyllis Pierce (Blue Note Australian Shepherds) in the 12-18 month Nationals class. Without their assistance, it would have just been a very long van ride for Hawkeye. So, once again, a huge thank you for all their help and for showing my boy in his first nationals! It was the same for Frisk, with Ayella Grossman of Oracle Australian Shepherds showing her for us. Ayella was so busy showing all of her own dogs, and yet she made time for Frisk - thank you so much.

JFCoventry Aussies - Hawkeye
Photo by Pix 'N Pages (pixnpages.com)

It was an enjoyable week and I was able to reconnect with old friends - thanks to Diane Saltzman of Dixiana Australian Shepherds for putting up with us for the week! It was great to see Diane after so many years. Of course, with Dixiana in my line, Diane and I have kept in touch over the years, so it was like a homecoming. Diane loved seeing Frisk as it had been 3 years since she flew her up to Donna Bernier and myself. I had the opportunity to see all the greats in action over the week of nationals and it was well worth the 18 hr drive each way. To finally put faces to names, and to see in person those Australian Shepherds that I've only read about - well, it was, as we say, Awesome Aussies!

Hawkeye - JFCoventry Aussies
Photo by Pix 'N Pages (pixnpages.com)

Hawkeye's next challenge will be our Canadian National Australian Shepherd Association Nationals Sept.1 through 5, 2010, in Saskatoon, SK. Please check out the CNASA website for more details. It will be an exciting, fun filled week of all Aussie activities!

Over the past year, Hawkeye and I have pursued agility foundation training and will be starting obedience classes this summer. I am planning to compete with him in the future but there is so much more to learn before that happens. We are in no rush. When both of us are ready, we'll be out there.

Hawkeye is maturing into a beautiful, solid boy. His foot timing is near perfect and his side gait is flowing and effortless. As long as we can keep his attention and focus, he is clean on the down and back. If he gets distracted, well, there goes perfection! Sigh.... boys!!

Hawkeye - JFCoventry Aussies
CKC Championship
Kenora & District Dog Club June '10
Photo by Faye Unrau
Handler: Katherina Dueck
Judge: Leslie Rogers
Hawkeye - JFCoventry Aussies
Kenora Dog Show
Photo by Faye Unrau
Handler: Katherina Dueck
Hawkeye - JFCoventry Aussies
Fort Garry Dog Show May '10
Photo by Faye Unrau
Handler: Katherina Dueck
Judge: Edgar Bajona
Hawkeye - JFCoventry Aussies
2011 ASCA Nationals - West Bend, WI
Hawkeye - JFCoventry Aussies
2011 ASCA Nationals - West Bend, WI

2011 ASCA Nationals: Donna did a great job of showing Hawkeye in the Nationals shows while I did a great job of hiding from them! I managed to get some video and the ringside photographers got some great movement shots of my Hockey boy. One of the pictures was so nice that I had it put on a tee shirt that I wear with great pride.

All in all, ASCA 2011 Nationals weeks was great fun. We made new friends, met up with old friends, and throuroughly enjoyed the whole week. We're ready for more!!

Hawkeye was neutered in June, 2012. It was a tough decision but since I won't be using him for breeding, and we have our Zola puppy (vizsla) with us now, we didn't want any hairy vizslas! CKC will be offering the altered program starting January, 2013, so Hawkeye can play in that conformation ring and work on his altered title as well as in ASCA altered. I will also be starting rally training with him so that I can compete in rally with both Flury and Hawkeye. TWICE as much fun!

Hawkeye continues to amaze me with his antics and his intelligence that improves as he matures. He is a delight to live with, he loves most other dogs and every person he meets. We are still working on his fence running issue with Jenn's dogs next door, but even that is slowly improving (ever since neutering - so it WAS a good thing!). He is listening more with his big brain now.

Hawkeye was such a good buddy to Zola (our vizsla) as Zola grew up that I knew he'd be good with Tease when I brought her home and he did not disappoint. He is actually Tease's uncle but even without that family connection, he still would have let Tease walk all over him! It took a week or so for him to fall for her charms but he, like the rest of us, is smitten with her. Hawkeye is, and always will be, my goofy adorable handsome loving blue boy. Near and dear to my heart always.

Hawkeye - JFCoventry Aussies
Merry Christmas 2009!

Hawkeye earned his CKC Rally Novice title at the October 2012 Fort Garry trials near Winnipeg, MB. He has his first leg in AKC Rally Novice. Hawkeye passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test in August, 2013, at the Bismarck, ND show. Next will be the CKC Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) test which we'll attempt in the spring. Right now, Hawkeye is adjusting to his niece, Tease, who is our latest family addition (see her page). Hawkeye's dad, Aidan, is also Deja's sire (Deja is Tease's mother).

Hawkeye - JFCoventry Aussies
Photo credit: Katherina Dueck, KEEP Photography, A Pawsitive Image
Hawkeye - JFCoventry Aussies
Photo credit: Katherina Dueck, KEEP Photography, A Pawsitive Image
Hawkeye - JFCoventry Aussies
Photo credit: Katherina Dueck, KEEP Photography, A Pawsitive Image
Hawkeye - JFCoventry Aussies
Photo credit: Katherina Dueck, KEEP Photography, A Pawsitive Image
Hawkeye - JFCoventry Aussies
Photo credit: Katherina Dueck, KEEP Photography, A Pawsitive Image