Australian Shepherds & Vizslas

Flury - JFCoventry Aussies
Photo by KFPhotography


CH JFCoventry's Fast And Flurious, DNA-VP, HIC, FD, RA

November 27, 2002 - October 19, 2012

Breeder: JFCoventry Australian Shepherds & Vizslas

Dam: CH JFCoventry's Cover Girl Magic, DNA-CP, HIC, AgI, plus titled in NADAC, USDAA, AAC
Sire: CH Blue Isle The Critics Are Raving, DNA-VP

Flury's Stats

Red merle, C/W trim
20" 41 lbs
Hips OFA Good
Full Dentition, scissors bite
Eyes cleared annually, CERF #AS-8790-2008-3
AHT DNA cataract test CLEAR
CEA/CH Normal/non-carrier (Optigen DNA test)


Flury's Pedigree

JF Coventrys Fast and Flurious
Red Merle C/W AS-20175G24F-PI F=10.14% F
E125096 MW843401 11/27/2002
Ch Blue Isle the Criticsareraving
Red C/W AS-15724E25M-PI F=11.14%
E101104 DL77601904 1068358 2/10/1999
Ch Carolina's Rave Reviews CD STDc ATDds DNA-CP
Red C/W AS-12409G25M-T F=17.99%
E85219 DL66169101 9/71996
Ch Calais Outaoptions of CarolinaSTDs DNA-CP
E61612 DL47958004
Ch Carolinas I'm Cn Red CD
Ch Agua Dulce My Option
Ch Royal Aires Jillerooofcarolina
E40932 DL44084801
Ch Briarbrooks Bishop of Wyndridge CD STDcds
Ch Carolinas Dreams of Glory
Ch Friends Angel
Red Merle C/W AS-11272E38F F=15.03%
E70977 DL54516405
Ch The Man From HeatherHill
E54314 DL42601103
Ch My Main Man of Heatherhill
Ch Hey Carrie Ann of Heatherhill
Ch Mystery Girl of Heatherhill
E48435 DL49879401
Ch Propwash St.Elmos Fire
Ch Dark Star of Heatherhill
Coventrys Cover Girl Magic
Blue C/W RF AS-15719G37F-PI
E94388 HE494520
Lobos Dixiana Dance King DNA-CP
Red C/W AS-5340G26M F-15.98%
E39591 DL41341501
Ch Bluecrest Creme D'coca of Lobo
Ch Bluecrest Rocky I of Windridge
Ch Bluecrest Topic of Conversation
Ch Dixie Dance Queen of Royalty
Ch Royaltys King of Desert Hills
Ch Royaltys Queen of Shadbriar
Powerpaks Misty Blue Magic
Blue C/W AS-6684G24F F=10.97%
E50797 1049414
Ch Tailored by Carousel
Ch Headliner of Sunny Brook CD
Chrisdavas Shanna of Carousel
Firesides Cosmic Interlude
Firesides Space Age Hero
Harmonys Fireside Wind Chime


JFCoventry Aussies - Flury
Photo by KFPhotography
JFCoventry Aussies - Flury with painting of Cara

Since the passing of my dear Cara, Flury now has to bear everything I can think of to do. She is CH JFCoventry's Fast And Flurious, out of Cara and Ethan - CH Blue Isle The Critics Are Raving. Due to a shoulder injury when she was 10 months old, our activities have been limited. She was able to do some flyball (and got her first flyball title, FD - Flyball Dog) but it aggravated the injury, so no more flyball. She can do some agility and that's what we are concentrating on. I think that rally and perhaps herding are in her future, too.
She is my beloved red merle girl, and we are devoted to one another.

JFCoventry Aussies - Cara

When Cara died, Flury and I really needed each other to get through a very difficult time. We took a holiday in the mountains, leaving hubby and vizslas behind, and it was a healing time for both of us. I am confident that between treatments of physiotherapy, neurolinking, chiropractic and exercise, Flury will be able to continue to compete in agility and perhaps add rally and herding to the list of things to do. She is a bundle of frenetic energy and has the wiggliest butt and is the cuddliest dog. When she gazes into your eyes, you just can't help but be smitten. She has so many of her grandma Maggie's traits - and a good dose of her momma Cara's attitudes, that I can't help but be pleased.

Flury and I are working in CKC Rally Obedience. Currently, Flury is ranked in the top rally Aussies in Canada and we are looking for all rally trials to boost her position. We are working in Advanced and having a blast. Flury is SO happy to be working after a long hiatus. Consider that Flury has no obedience training - but she does have her agility background and yes, even her minimal flyball background, to draw on. Couple that with her desire to work and play and have fun with ME, and we are actually a TEAM. I am so glad that we've found Rally as a sport that we both can do and do well.
My plans are to continue with CKC rally, and to find AKC and ASCA rally trials to play in. CARO is also a possibility. So many options! And all are FUN!

Rally on!

Flury - JFCoventry Aussies

I was planning to write how well Flury and I were doing in Rally, but now, have to say goodbye to her instead.

She had just got bumped to #4 from the #3 Aussie spot in Canada and would have gotten to the #2 spot after the Brandon trials in November…

But sadly my beautiful Flury, CH JFCoventry's Fast and Flurious, RA, FD, HIC (CH Blue Isle The CriticsAreRaving X CH JFCoventry's Cover Girl Magic) died suddenly and tragically October 19, 2012 from hemangiosarcoma/heart failure.

No warning, out of the blue and in my arms at the vet clinic.

Cut down in her prime, just hitting her stride in rally, my beloved team mate and partner ripped from me…
She would have been 10 years old this month.
The tears still flow freely and constantly…

Flury - JFCoventry Aussies

I can say that her son, Hawkeye, CH JFCoventry's Lock and Load, RN (Crystal Winds Ready Aim Fire X CH JFCoventry's Fast and Flurious, RA, FD, HIC) will do his best to make his Mom proud. We will continue in obedience and rally, in Flury's memory.

I miss her SO MUCH.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal.

Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Flury - JFCoventry Aussies