Australian Shepherds & Vizslas

Welcome to JFCoventry Aussies


Photo by Faye Unrau - McMasters Photography


My partner, Robert Berger, and I moved from Winnipeg, MB (Canada) north to the Petersfield area in May, 2014. We now have 74 acres of treed and prairie paradise! The dogs love it here. They have room to run and play, and there are endless things to explore (for all of us!).

I am a founding member of our ASCA club, MASC - the Manitoba Australian Shepherd Club and a founding member of our national CKC club, CNASA - the Canadian National Australian Shepherd Association. Over the years we have been involved in many dog sports with our aussies and vizslas, including agility (through to the national level), flyball, scent hurdle racing, gun dog trials, conformation, obedience and most recently, rally obedience.

We've had Aussies since 1991 and Vizslas since 1994. Our dogs are cherished members of our family and with them, we've travelled far and wide for dog shows, agility trials, flyball tournaments, Nationals and hunting trips (the Vizslas, of course!)

First and foremost with our Aussies is to produce dogs sound in body and mind. To this end, we breed to the standard, breeding for moderation according to the standards laid out by ASCA, CKC and AKC. Our dogs have all done well in the show ring and the performance venues. Our puppy owners enjoy the versatility of their dogs and their dogs, too, are valued family members.

To meet our goals when breeding our aussies, I participate in many venues with my dogs. I feel this promotes our breed in general, but also shows people the type of dogs I am producing.

I am proud of all of the Coventry Australian Shepherds out in the world. Through my extended Aussie family, I have learned so much and continue to do so. Having an Aussie keeps me on my toes, and challenges me to be a better trainer, handler, and owner. Aussies require challenges to meet their physical and emotional needs. They want a job and need a job. This doesn't mean you have to work stock (unless you want to!), but it does mean that if you have an Aussie, you cannot just sit back. You MUST do things with your Aussies, or they will create their own version of fun and work. Most of the Aussies in rescue are there because their owners didn't realize that the pretty package was a bundle of energy that required direction, devotion, and leadership.

If you think you can handle the unlimited energy, challenges, devotion, and sheer fun that an Aussie can give, then perhaps you are ready.

Please read on to learn more about our dogs and what they have accomplished. All of our dogs are family FOREVER, whether they are our dogs, or dogs we have produced.